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Sydney, Australia – Thursday May 10, 2018 – It’s almost half way through the year and I haven’t changed anything. I’ll definitely start next year.....

Most people have given up on their financial goals for 2018, and we’re not even in June yet. Instead they are putting off what they can do today, till next year. The classic New Year resolution coupled with the impending new financial year means the financial problems get pushed onto the to-do-list. Why is it that we can’t stick to our goals, especially when it comes to money.

“You would be surprised just how much you can transform your financial situation and your life, when you take a small amount of time to look at it in detail. Alleviating financial stress is the start of the new you. Watch every other aspect of your life flourish, when you have your money under control” says Dominic Aarsen, founder of which is fast becoming Australia’s leading money platform.

Here are the top 5 money resolutions people have already forgotten before the new financial year has even started:

  1. Make every year count. People always put money is as part of ‘next years plan’. It’s great to get the head start on planning to do something with the money you earn. What’s not great is people rinse and repeat the same saying every year. Identify why you haven’t made a change yet and how important getting your finances under control really is to you.

  2. Getting on top of a budget. If budgeting isn’t your thing, you’re probably using the wrong budget. The number one reason why budgets don’t work: they are too restrictive. Ask yourself, has my budget ever been realistic? If the answer is no, find a budgeting framework you can use that is realistic and can work for you.

  3. Reducing Financial Stress. Financial stress is the cause of most people’s problems. It is one of the biggest factors in relationship problems/divorce. It’s a silent stressor, no one can see it from the outside but you can feel it on the inside. Find out the reason why you are financially stressed, and implement small steps to allow you to alleviate the pressure you’re feeling. It’s amazing how well a person can interact, do their job and work on themselves when financial stress isn’t an issue.

  1. Making a financial plan. Many people find the whole idea of money stressful. They hate themselves for old financial decisions, are at a lost end and don’t know where to go from here. You need to understand there is always something you can do. Speak to a finance professional, reading a book on personal finance or finding out how to do it yourself is the best way to move forward. Make your money work for you, not the other way round.

  2. Not spending as much. Somehow people fall into the trap of spending. Think how many times a day you are exposed to advertising. People buy products without even thinking about it. Before people even stop to think, they have accumulated personal debt and the gratification from the purchase is gone in a second. The next time you make a purchase, stop for 10seconds and ask yourself ‘Do I really need that?’. You’ll be amazed how many times you put it back on the shelf.

For more information on MakeTheMostOfYourMoney, or to register free to our online platform, visit As an introduction to help all people tackle their money, we have made it free to access the entire platform for the first 14 days. As an independent, non-bank related financial platform our mission is simple: help people transform their relationship with money.


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