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The CEO of Australian content strategy company Brutal Pixie, Leticia Mooney, told Content Strategy Answers this week that trying to sell 'content strategy' to B2B clients is a total waste of time. Instead, she argues, pitching marketing services to complex industries needs to come back to Sales 101: Solving questions, in language that your audience understands.

Content Strategy Answers is a Chicago-based, online publication that surfaces thought leaders in the Content Strategy profession. It was created because of the 'huge gulf' between the profession's practitioners and the rest of the world.

When asked about how she describes content strategy to Brutal Pixie's clients, Mooney bluntly states, 'I don't bother'.

NOBODY understands content strategy; trying to sell it based on what it's called is a total waste of time. This is a very blunt way of saying that the only people it matters to now are those people looking for jobs, or trying to recruit the skill-set - but even then, I suggest you'd end up with an extremely mixed bag of applicants and roles, because marketing has done more for the distribution of the term than the true content strategy fraternity has ever done. (Sorry guys, just what I see.)

She went on to say that in business terms and sales terms, decision-makers don't care what you call it, they just want their problems solved.

This is perhaps a mark of a woman who didn't 'learn' content strategy - but fell into it after realising that it was the best fit at the time for a particular skill-set. In the past five years, both the profession and its needs have changed. What Leticia sees is not that business or marketing have really shifted, but that it's the tools people use, and the short-cut language that better describes what we do.

Describing herself as an 'audience advocate' rather than a 'marketer', Leticia told Content Strategy Answers that even though she's worked in digital for most of her life, she still has a very old-school approach to both business and publishing.

"That is: It's all about relationships and people," she said. "Editing, for example, has always been about audience advocacy."

Mooney goes on to describe her entrepreneurial journey in great detail, and that rather than learning content strategy in any formal way, it's been much more valuable to her to take an attitude of life-long learning.

"Like most entrepreneurs, my education wasn't in an institution. It was by learning from every single person around me, every single day, while reading whatever books I gravitate towards to solve this week's problem," Mooney said. "And," she pointed out, "that's still how I learn."

Read Leticia Mooney's entire interview with Content Strategy Answers here.

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