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Edalex today announced the completion of the inaugural EQUELLA Repository Development Alliance (RDA) cycle. Through this innovative model, institutional members of the RDA nominate and vote for feature enhancements to the award-winning EQUELLA open source platform.  Features from the first RDA cycle will be incorporated into EQUELLA 6.6, set for release in early June.

EQUELLA is a digital repository housing teaching/learning, research, media, and library content in one platform. EQUELLA is currently in use in a wide range of schools, universities, colleges, TAFEs, departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide.

Edalex is the world’s leading authority on EQUELLA, with numerous staff from the original EQUELLA team and nearly 150 years of combined experience with the platform. The Edalex team developed version 6.5 of EQUELLA - the first open source version.

“We’re excited to help shape the future of EQUELLA,” said Cliff Ashford, EDA & BIA Service Delivery Leader at Monash University. “We proposed several new features - including the automatic capture of additional metadata from Learning Management Systems - and voted with the RDA community to prioritise new development. These new features that Edalex develops will benefit users of the platform - both at Monash and globally.”

The Repository Development Alliance members prioritised the following 5 features:

  • Reporting improvements
  • Automatic capture of additional metadata from Learning Management Systems
  • Shift of administrative functionality to the web with enhanced user experience
  • Additional contribution wizard configuration
  • Configurable metadata-based facet searching incorporated into a new search page using Google’s Material Design methodology   

“The RDA represents true client engagement at every step. Clients apply the insight gained from their enterprise use of the platform to suggest new features. RDA members then vote to prioritise. In short: they tell us what they need, and Edalex builds it. We then release the new features back into the global open source community,” said Dan McFadyen, Managing Director of Edalex.

Following the prioritisation of new features by the RDA community, Edalex conducted design workshops with clients, and developed the new features. RDA members provided feedback throughout the agile development cycle, and the new features are now incorporated into the latest beta. EQUELLA 6.6 will be globally released in early June, following community testing.  

Edalex will commence development of features from the second RDA cycle in May, helping ensure the ongoing evolution of EQUELLA.

For more information about the RDA or EQUELLA, please navigate to  

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Client-directed enhancements to the EQUELLA platform included in the new 6.6 release




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