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Car rental rip-offs have been very topical lately, especially when the rental companies are falsely charging its customers for damage that they were not responsible for.
One way to counter this type of fraud is to let third party car rental excess insurance companies fight the battle with the rental companies. Tripcover is one such insurance company that offer such policies in Australia and now a full policy offering in New Zealand for residents and overseas visitors.

For six years now Tripcover has been offering Australians and overseas visitors to Australia a chance to offset this car rental excess liability and  they sell over a million dollars worth of cover for Allianz Gloabl Assistance now. They now have the same policy offering in New Zealand for New Zealanders and overseas visitors to New Zealand.

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Frequent renters of cars would be aware of the elephant in the room regarding the peace-of-mind fees that car rental companies offer customers to limit damage liability (commonly called "excess reduction" in Australia and New Zealand).

Their insurance rates are usually from $22 to $27 per day to reduce the excess to $300. This can increase the cost of car rental by a third. Tripcover's rental vehicle excess insurance starts at just $15 per day, is managed by Allianz Global Assistance and has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Tripcover can finally provide an alternative source of peace-of-mind coverage – sometimes up to 66 percent cheaper than rental companies' rates.

Our Cause
Tripcover’s cause is to offer car rental customers the peace of mind that comes with having their car rental excess covered without costing an arm and a leg. Working with Allianz Global Assistance, we have used our combined experience in the car rental industry and travel insurance sector to produce this car rental excess cover for the Australian market.

Our Beginnings
The Tripcover concept was hatched out of the founders’ previous experience in a car rental comparison business and their industry contacts. But unlike their first start-up, they have begun this project with a simple, step-by-step approach and have run it, so far, on a shoestring. Des Sherlock is founder and manager and Steve, his brother, is his advisor.

Desmond Sherlock
P: +61417712601


Now overseas rental car customers can buy car rental insurance in New Zealand with great newly launched polices and rates




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