Monday, March 19th, 2018 - Steel-Line Garage Doors

Steel-Line, an Australian garage door designer and manufacturer, has recently launched Secura-Lock, a new automatic garage locking system.

Providing Australian homeowners with both security and durability, this product has been designed using advanced German technology by Marantec. It automatically engages when the user closes the garage door using the remote control. The locking pin extends when the door reaches the closed position, providing additional security and protection.

When opening, the locking pin will automatically retract, disengaging the Secura-Lock and allowing the door to raise to position.

The Secura-Lock is compatible with Marantec Sectional Door Openers.

Steel-Line’s Business Partnership Manager, Jesse Christensen is expecting high demand for this new lock system.

“We’re delighted to bring this excellent product to our customers throughout the country,” said Mr Christensen.

“It’s always exciting to present Australian homeowners with a new and innovative product that can enhance and increase the value of their home.”

Marantec has been Steel-Line’s opener supplier since 2012. By leveraging the manufacturing and supply chain expertise of Marantec, along with utilising the superior qualities of German-made garage door openers, Steel-Line Garage Doors is capable of efficiently satisfying the growing demand for its products across Australia.

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Garage specialists release new automatic garage locking system.




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