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Artificial Intelligence company Life Whisperer has demonstrated through a patient study that its AI performs significantly better than world-leading embryologists when identifying viable embryos from medical images, a critical success factor for couples undergoing IVF.

In a cohort of almost 600 patient cycles, Life Whisperer’s AI was compared with highly trained and experienced embryologists to determine which embryos, when implanted, would lead to a successful pregnancy outcome. Life Whisperer’s AI was shown to perform over 30% more accurately than embryologists in identifying the viability of embryos. In one cohort of patients, Life Whisperer showed a 53% improvement over embryologists.

Results also showed that Life Whisperer’s AI was able to correctly classify embryo viability 148 times when embryologists were incorrect, and conversely embryologists correctly classified embryo viability only 54 times where Life Whisperer was incorrect, which is a 3-fold increase in performance.

Life Whisperer’s Co-founder Dr Michelle Perugini said: “These results show a clear advantage when using Life Whisperer to identify embryo viability when compared with world-leading embryologists. We believe this will be a game changer for the IVF industry with its ability to improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children, where the current success rate is very low, at around 20% to 30%.”

Life Whisperer is a non-invasive, scalable and secure web-based tool that can be utilized by IVF clinics globally. Clinicians can simply “drag and drop” patient embryo images taken from a standard microscope and receive an instant report as to the embryo viability to inform their decision of which embryo to implant into the patient.

Life Whisperer’s Co-Founder Dr Jonathan Hall said: “We are excited about these remarkable results which prove that our unique technology works. However, we are now looking for a much larger and diverse dataset of embryo images from IVF clinics globally to train our AI. The results will drive development of our final product, which we will be launching to market this year. We believe we can make our product more accurate and robust, and want to ensure we give couples using Life Whisperer the best chance of success in getting pregnant.”

Life Whisperer plans to launch the product in the second half of 2018 and now has a call-out for partners globally with images of embryos and their pregnancy outcomes to add to its trained AI.

Life Whisperer’s third Co-founder, Dr Don Perugini, said: “We have already had a good response from IVF clinics, medical companies, and research institutes from around the world that are looking to partner, including US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Asia. For IVF clinics, not only will they have first use of this technology to help their patients, but we are able to offer a free validation of the technology on their specific data, and importantly a heavily discounted fee when the product is launched and used within their clinic.”

Life Whisperer is underpinned by Presagen’s image-based medical diagnostics platform, an advanced AI tool purpose built to rapidly create and deploy clinical tools for analyzing medical images using deep learning and computer vision. Presagen was also built by Life Whisperer’s co-founding and multi-disciplinary team, which has over 20 years of AI experience in developing and deploying AI products for real world problems.

Anyone interested in partnering with Life Whisperer, or for more information about the press release, should email [email protected] or contact Dr Michelle Perugini on +61 412 396 960.

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Life Whisperer provides AI-driven decision support for non-invasive image analysis to improve embryo selection for IVF, and to ultimately improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children.

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