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Sydney, Australia. Local Knowledge Property Group today announced the launch of its AI chatbot solution Ding and the use of technology to refine and reinvent the various industry including the buying, renting, selling, building or managing residential and commercial properties. With its entrepreneurial team, and start-up and incubation approach, Local Knowledge are able to assist both current and new clients with innovative and accelerated solutions. With their existing experience in the FinTech realm with online self directed money management, online document and digital signatory process will now be extended into property.


Real estate requires the same specialised expertise and skills as any other industry. Local Knowledge Property Group recognises that residential, commercial and industrial property play a significant part of an individual’s overall wealth, and the structure (whether owned directly, through a trust, company or superannuation fund) requires close consideration. Ding, which is a PropTech service, provides the online experience through AI chatbots and will also be seeking partners that can offer local expertise where clients need to talk with a real person.


Co-Founder, Graham Chee, said, “The design of the network’s interface and functional capabilities have our end users in mind - streamlined and intuitive. The new system covers all aspects of creating, deploying, and maintaining bots, where the robust FAQ engine can provide a relevant response to user's queries which are supported and identified through proprietary Natural Language Program algorithms. Customer service and support is another major area we are focusing in providing secure plug-and-play functionality because we recognise technology’s impact on real estate is increasing exponentially.”

A lot of small and medium organisations have similar or more acute customer response and engagement needs compared to large enterprises, as their businesses are growing faster. However, they do not have the necessary staff or budgets to provide a full bench of customer service and support. Traditionally, organisations have depended on old age communications mechanisms such as telephone, email, SMS, and staffing human functions to handle various channels for customer relationship management with minimal automation in this crucial process. They continue their struggle to effectively handle customer interactions.

Initially, the Ding solution launch includes:

  • Money and financial services education.
  • Answers to your fundamental lending questions on borrowing.
  • Concierge for real estate and property.


Businesses can use Ding’s functionality for client services and acquisitions through to business launch, and learn of new product and services.  It is now much more straightforward to message and receive an immediate response to a question or inquiry than call and wait in the message line for the next available operator. With access through the Ding Bot being 24/7, clients can readily receive available answers and can request a further, personalised follow-up. Ding’s focus is on solving actual functional use-cases via chatbots and helping businesses to deploy these solutions with the least effort and investment. Just as technology is transforming many traditional industries across the business world, such as financial services, the time is right to make change happen for real estate.


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Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge Property Group develops and applies disruptive deep learning technologies to extract, structure, and manage data. Its AI chatbot platform empowers businesses to be more efficient and effective with their data and document management. It facilitates quick and data-driven decision-making by creating actionable, valuable insights out of unstructured data.


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