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BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – A world-first Dual Camera Cycling Helmet, launching today on Kickstarter, is designed to make cycling safer while recording the rider's adventures (and misadventures). Invented by cyclists, for cyclists, Cyclevision EDGE is the world's first bicycle helmet to incorporate in-built front and rear cameras.

Inventor Rob Asker, a helicopter engineer for 38 years, and his medical technologist wife Suzanne were motivated to develop 

Cyclevision EDGE by the acute vulnerability of road cyclists. An average of 35 cyclists are killed each year on Australian roads, and thousands more sustain serious injuries, 85% as a result of collisions with motor vehicles.

Mr Asker himself has been the victim of not one, but two hit-and-run incidents.

“Just two weeks ago there was a court report in the Australian media about an elderly motorist who has denied dangerous driving -- he was accused of killing a cyclist after hitting her at a roundabout, dragging her body along the road and then driving off to go to the library,” Mr Asker said.  “These kinds of issues have led organisations like Bicycle Queensland to urge cyclists to use bike mounted cameras.”

The drawback, Mr Asker said, is that other cameras have to be removed from the bicycle frame when the cyclist leaves the bike unattended and then refitted, whereas the Cyclevision EDGE helmet simply goes with riders wherever they go.

At the touch of a button, the Cyclevision EDGE helmet records Full HD footage simultaneously from both cameras onto twin 32GB of internal memory. The free App and built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream live vision from the rear (or front) cameras to a mobile device mounted on the handlebars to create an electronic rear-view camera.

“We are passionate about rider safety and we look forward to delivering the Cyclevision EDGE helmet to the world's cycling community, not only to make road cycling safer, but as a platform to record their commuting and recreational cycling experiences,” Mr Asker said.

“The fact it is App-based means we can add new features as we progress simply by updating the software.”

The Queensland Government has given strong backing to this project with a substantial financial grant from the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas fund, and the state’s Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Minister for the Commonwealth Games, Hon. Kate Jones MP, has become an enthusiastic supporter of this Queensland invention.

When given a demonstration of a working pre-production prototype this week, she acknowledged the Cyclevision EDGE helmet as a fine example of Queenslanders developing world leading technological products, with the potential to make cycling safer for millions of cyclists around the world.

Bicycle Queensland and CycleLaw are two organisations that have also endorsed the Cyclevision EDGE helmet.

Bicycle Queensland’s CEO, Anne Savage, congratulated Cyclevision for the innovation:

“This helmet is a game-changer," Ms Savage said. “Professional and amateur riders will be able to ride safely and capture their trips on camera for other riders and the community to enjoy, showcasing all that cycling has to offer.

“High quality camera footage from a helmet has not been viable, until now. We welcome this innovation from Cyclevision and are proud to see a world-leading product like this one come out of Queensland.”

Cyclevision EDGE - $660 AUD 

Full HD 1080P front and rear cameras are fully integrated into an advanced bicycle helmet. With the ability to record 4 hour loops of footage from both cameras and at least 2.5 hours run-time from its 3,200mAh battery (extendable with auxiliary packs), the water-resistant (IP67) Cyclevision EDGE helmet is ready to capture all of your cycling adventures. The Cyclevision EDGE helmet will be certified to Australian/ NZ, North American (suitable for use in Canada), European and UK cycle helmet safety standards.

The Cyclevision EDGE helmet will be available for an Early Bird price of $550 AUD for a limited time only on Kickstarter.

  • Dual Wide Angle 160° Cameras, Full HD 1920x1080P @ 30FPS +/- 0.03
  • Twin 32GB in-built flash cards – 1 for each camera
  • Record recording loop is 4 hours, the useable run time of the helmet is up to 3 hours
  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • 48kHz audio recording
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • ‘Live Time’ Rear View Link
  • LED mode and battery indicators
  • In-built rechargeable 3200mAh lithium battery
  • Micro-USB charging 4 hours from flat on most chargers
  • Certified to the following standards:
  • Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZ 2063-2008
  • Europe standards EN 1078:1997
  • UK standards BS EN 1078:1997 and BS 6863:1987
  • USA standards (ASTM) F1447-12 and (ASTM) F-1446-11a
  • Weight 410g (14.5oz)
  • Available in two colours; white and blue
  • Size: medium/large (57-62cm)

Media Contact:          Rob Asker, CEO | [email protected] | +61 407 103 174 (based in Cairns)

                                    Will Muskens | [email protected] } +61 419 658 494 (based in Brisbane)

                                    Anne Savage, CEO Bicycle Queenland | [email protected] | +61 417 709 869  

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Australian startup Cyclevision has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its world-first Dual Camera Cycling Helmet, designed to make cycling safer while recording the cyclist’s rides and adventures.



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