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Reptile Encounters, Melbourne’s Mobile Zoo, have moved their business headquarters to a new Melbourne location. Located in Burwood, the new home houses over 200 animals in an exciting and innovative warehouse environment. The venue also provides office space for the company.

The move was done over November and December, meaning there was little rest for the staff over the Christmas break, as they moved snakes, lizards, turtles, birds and even crocodiles to the new venue. Not to mention dozens of heavy enclosures!

Reptile Encounters is known as one of the country’s best mobile zoos, specialising in educational wildlife programs for the k-12 market. They also perform regular shows at shopping centres, trade shows and corporate events. Now with the new location, they are planning to offer holiday programs, private parties and teacher workshops on premises, where you can go to them!

“It is very exciting to be taking this next step”, owner Josh Cox said.

Josh has always had a passion for animals and started the business in 2007. He loved the idea about being able to bring native animals into the classroom and seeing kids faces as they got to hold and learn about the various animals really inspired him.

Back then, Josh only had about 30 reptiles including a few snakes, lizards and turtles. But now his entourage has grown to include not only reptiles, but amphibians, birds, insects and mammals.

“Our ecosystem is all about diversity, which is why I want to offer an array of different native fauna at our shows”, Mr Cox said.

The team has grown significantly too with Reptile Encounters now employing 8 regular staff who perform shows all over Victoria. Highly trained and equally passionate, they have helped take the business to where it is today.

There are also many volunteers who come in to feed and look after the animals.

School incursions are a big part of the business with reptile shows proving very popular with all age groups.

Primary school shows are interactive and hands on, but also focus on making the students as comfortable as possible with their introduction to native wildlife up close.

The secondary school wildlife programs are also hands on, and specifically tailored to align with the Victorian Science and Biology Curriculum.

Reptile Encounters now also offers 2 different shows for VCE students. They integrate with VCE Biology Unit 1 Adaptations and VCE Biology Unit 4 Evolution which means the incursions are not only entertaining, but aligned to the curriculum.

Teachers are also provided with material to assist with any follow up and further study on the topics.

The animals are already feeling right out home in their new location and the team already has plans to build a new bird enclosure on site.

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Reptile Encounters, Melbourne’s Mobile Zoo, have moved their business headquarters to a new Melbourne location. They are one of the leading reptile shows companies, very popular for school incursions.




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