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An absurd tale of political brinkmanship has been unfurling across the globe in the style of Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement Party, Brexit, Trump, Macron, Marion Marechal-Le Penn, Geert Wilders, the Catalonia dilemma and most recently Jacinda Ardern.

“Australia is going to be next,” predicts Australian author Davide A Cottone. “It’s not so much the technology of blockchain, as the phenomena of the absurd political modus operandi that is being ‘mined’ and distributed around the world as a secure ideology that makes sense and has massive public appeal.

The whole political landscape is beginning to dissolve into what I refer to in my book as the ‘politics of the absurd’.”

In his book Shriek: an absurd novel, Mr Cottone explains how it all works in the Presidential election being conducted in his mythical country of Umbugumbuland.

“Disappointment and disillusionment are some of the reasons behind the shock results at the polls. What makes all the difference in the Umbugumbuan election result is that it is based on an ideology which is tuned into the 21st century mindset,” says Mr Cottone. “When the people have had enough, as is the case in Umbugumbuland, they let the ballot box do the talking.”

The economics behind the ideology is totally blockchain. A cryptocurrency called COIN, which is an acronym for a Certificate Of Insanity, becomes the basis for a new monetary system. The number of COIN is limited to the population of Umbugumbuland at the time. All the rules of cryptocurrency apply to COIN making it the safest currency in the world and the envy of every government.

Governments need to reflect if they are experiencing an Umbugumbuland moment and consider Mr Cottone’s absurdist political thought.

“All the answers are there in my book,” says Mr Cottone. “It’s a classic case of fiction being truer than fact and recent history will continue to repeat itself in the futuristic world order that is beginning to unravel. In the hazy, crazy, mixed-up world of politics … beware, you might just find yourself getting hooked. That’s the gyp”

If you think the world of politics is confusing, wait until you read Shriek: an absurd novel.

More on Shriek: an absurd novel can be found at, and the book can be purchased directly from the website, in book stores or online in print and as an eBook. Any correspondence should be by email: [email protected] ##

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