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Author Davide A Cottone says that when it comes to authors selecting subject matter to write about, it’s ‘the chatter’ that matters.

‘A good writer stays tuned in to the chatter and when something important comes up it’s time to get things cranking and get the written word out there,’ Mr Cottone said.

Shriek: an absurd novel is about humanity rebelling against the phenomenon of powerlessness; socially, economically, politically and psychologically.

‘Powerlessness is a human frailty that the powerful exploit. It is synonymous with meaninglessness and worthlessness and is the seed to self-harm and suicide,’ Mr Cottone said.

Mr Cottone has found his ‘voice’ through listening to ‘the chatter’ of the people and enabling them to be heard through his book Shriek: an absurd novel.

The book echoes the theme of Sir Salman Rushdie’s latest release The Golden House. In all there are over fifty-eight similarities in background, plot, theme, characters, setting, events, scenarios, circumstances and conflicts. It’s as if the two writers have been writing in parallel universes. Both books have the people rising up against evil and neglect spawning support for a wave of populist leaders across the globe.

Mr Cottone has completed cross-referencing both works with quotes and page numbers because the co-incidences are so numerous they are mind-boggling.

‘It leaves no doubt in my mind that we are both on the same page and tuned in to the same issues,’ Mr Cottone said.

Anyone interested in the parallels between Shriek: an absurd novel and The Golden House should contact Mr Cottone by email at [email protected]  ##

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P.I.E.Books:        Davide A Cottone.  (Author, playwright and poet)


Davide A Cottone, as an historical fiction writer, playwright and poet, delves deeply into personal experiences as he witnesses them unravelling in the world around him and around the world of others. With his forty years experience as a teacher in Australia, Papua New Guinea, China and Hong Kong and formal qualifications of an MA in applied linguistics, Davide has the skills as well as the stories which are all based on real life experiences.


He has published three full length novels, five musicals, four plays and two collections of his poetry. After his great success with his other historical fiction novel, canecutter, where Davide captured the migrant experience of new Australians in the canefields between 1924 and 1985, the author insisted another historical fiction was the best way to get his message across in his next novel, Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam.


More on Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam and other work by the author can be found on the P.I.E. Books website: and the book can be purchased directly from the website, in bookstores or online where the book is being distributed globally as POD and as an eBook. The author is happy to communicate with anyone who has an interest in the topic by email: [email protected] or by phone on 0408709094.




Davide Cottone
M: 0408709094


Umbugumbuland elections, absurd political thought, populism, mental illness, psycho-politics, cryptocurrency, absurdism



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