Friday, October 6th, 2017 - MyMoney Australia

Australian financial services and technology development solutions provider MyMoney today announced the launch of Money247®. The service is designed to increase Australian consumers’ financial literacy while encouraging the use of MyMoney’s platform as a financial services marketplace.


The MyMoney® Money247® application allows consumers to set and track savings goals easily. The application facilitates money movement across different accounts at a specific time-frequency and will enable customers to better monitor their goals by allowing consumers to allocate multiple purposes to a single account, or spread a single goal across many cash and investment accounts. MyMoney® Money247® provides visual data and notifications such as progress bars, charts, graphs and alerts, engaging customers with the option to flex and prioritise between goals.

"Relationship-based financial services has been the key to success and customer loyalty for financial institutions for years. As more consumers continue to use digital channels, they're expecting institutions to offer personalised user experiences that help them reach their financial goals," said Graham Chee, Founder and Managing Director "By using the MyMoney® Money247® Intelligence Platform, our goal is to empower financial service providers to create personalized and actionable insights and recommendations for consumers. Helping consumers meet their financial goals is the best way to build lasting customer relationships."


MyMoney® Money247® a web-based and mobile financial solution that helps consumers gain greater control of their financial lives, providing customers with a more customised mobile banking experience and better insights into their financial well-being. Money247® can provide consumers with simple and easy access for:


  • All your accounts in one place for a full view of your money.

  • Receive timely updates on each of your connected accounts.

  • Get a snapshot of all your current goals to stay on top of your money.

  • View spending across all your accounts to see exactly where your money is going.

  • Get real-time insights that help you spend less and save more.

  • Set spending goals and get updates when you want them.


Finance can be a confusing, even intimidating subject for many consumers, and a lack of knowledge can see them missing out on savings or solutions that would benefit them.


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MyMoney is part of Global Mutual Funds a licensed securities dealer, investment advisor and credit licensee. (AFSL 222640) Formed in 2002 to provide technology for the financial services industry to facilitate the offering, transaction, and transparency of investments for self directed investors. Global Mutual Funds, through its proprietary platforms and technology, self directed investor portal MyMoney aim to transform the expanding investors' access to products and service solutions. Global Mutual Funds operates InvestorView®, iBOP®, iPASS®, Money247®, MyGoals®, MyMoney®, Art of Start® and InvestmentView®.

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