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National franchise group Jim’s has established a new division.   Jim’s Photography and Drones is the brainchild of two experienced photographers who intend to establish the most trusted national photographic services brand in Australia.  Founders Mark Hill and Matteo Rizzi are inviting expressions of interest from potential franchisees across Australia. 

Mark Hill is an award winning photographer with over 30 years of experience whilst Matteo Rizzi recently decided to leave the corporate world to turn his lifelong passion for photography into a full-time business venture.

Mr Rizzi and Mr Hill believe that Jim’s Photography and Drones has tremendous potential to succeed on account of the strength of the Jim's brand as well as increasing demand for photographic and drone services. 

Jim’s is an established brand that we will leverage to develop the most trusted photographic services brand in Australia,” explained Mr Rizzi.  “Jim’s Photography and Drones will offer the convenience, reliability and professionalism associated with other Jim’s divisions and could, in a very short space of time, be recognised as the only national photography brand in the country.”

Approximately two thirds of the franchisees are expected to be women. 

“Female professional photographers now outnumber men 3:2 and as such, we anticipate 60% of Jim's Photography and Drones franchisee's will be women,” explained Mr Hill.  

“This is a fantastic opportunity for any professional photographer who will flourish with the support of a proven franchise business model that is also one of Australia’s most recognisable brands” explained Mr Rizzi. 

“We are seeing increasing demand from businesses as well as individuals who want the highest quality of photography, videography and drone services,” added Mr Rizzi. 

“Businesses are requesting photography services for many different reasons,” added Mr Hill, “whether it be to reach and influence customers through social media channels, or to promote their products and services in a professional manner”

The use of drones, especially smart drones, has also increased dramatically.   Jim’s will offer drone services for air sampling, agriculture, mining, mapping, 3D modelling, surveying, building inspections and many other applications.

“The technology around drones has advanced at a rapid pace,” add Mr. Hill.  “Smart drones feature ‘follow me' and 'spotlight' modes, collision avoidance, return to base, and other hi tech features.”

“Also, virtual reality goggles and 360 degree panoramas allow for an incredibly immersive experience. Recent attempts to control drones by brainwave activity suggest this may be the next direction the technology will follow.”

“It's an exciting time to be involved in such a nascent industry with such potential,” added Mr Hill.   

A CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) operator’s licence is a requirement for any serious drone photographer considering commercial work.

Private clients wanting basic but high quality photography services are also high on Jim’s agenda.

“Weddings and family portraits are always going to be a source of business for photographers and we want Jim’s to be the trusted photography service in Australia,” added Mr Rizzi.   “We will ensure that anyone who engages Jim’s Photography and Drones experiences the highest professional standards and quality of work.”

All Jim’s Photography and Drones franchisees will be required to join the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). Potential franchisees will need to meet strict criteria in order to be granted a franchise.  An independent committee will assess all applicants on the strength of their photographic portfolio, business acumen and people skills.

Jim's group has since grown to a $400m per year franchising supergroup with over 4000 franchisee's in 4 countries. 


Jim's Photography and Drones can be contacted on 131546 or by visiting




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