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The Mob takes over the running of the country in Davide A Cottone’s book ‘Shriek: an absurd novel’.

“Strategically, they employ the politics of envy which parallel those of the ‘eastern bloc’ countries after World War 11,” he says.

“Their first priority after coming to power was to enact ‘Unexplained Wealth Laws’ so that they could take from the rich to fill the government coffers. It was all done in the name of equality.

“It was history certainly repeating itself but it could also be predicating a future scenario in world politics,” said Mr Cottone.

The Brisbane author of four novels and two volumes of poetry is not a stranger to political satire having written a musical “Bo” satirising the antics of Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen in the 60’s.

‘Shriek: an absurd novel’ brings other uncanny parallels to world politics with the protagonist Aleph McNaught mirroring the rise and rise of Donald Trump. The Mob reinventing the politics of envy used by past socialist leaders is the modus operandi of our own Opposition Leader as reported in the media. 

“Any similarities to world situations today, are purely coincidental,” Mr Cottone insists.

The irony is that just when you think you are making sense of his absurd novel, he pulls you up every time with a denial like “No it isn’t!” or “Now you have it. No you don’t!”

Go figure.

More on 'Shriek: an absurd novel' can be found at, and the book can be purchased directly from the website, by email, in book stores or online in print and as an eBook through Amazon KDP. Any correspondence should be by email: [email protected]

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P.I.E.Books:        Davide A Cottone.  (Author, playwright and poet)


Davide A Cottone, as an historical fiction writer, playwright and poet, delves deeply into personal experiences as he witnesses them unravelling in the world around him and around the world of others. With his forty years experience as a teacher in Australia, Papua New Guinea, China and Hong Kong and formal qualifications of an MA in applied linguistics, Davide has the skills as well as the stories which are all based on real life experiences.


He has published three full length novels, five musicals, four plays and two collections of his poetry. After his great success with his other historical fiction novel, canecutter, where Davide captured the migrant experience of new Australians in the canefields between 1924 and 1985, the author insisted another historical fiction was the best way to get his message across in his next novel, Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam.


More on Vietnam … Viet-Bloody-Nam and other work by the author can be found on the P.I.E. Books website: and the book can be purchased directly from the website, in bookstores or online where the book is being distributed globally as POD and as an eBook. The author is happy to communicate with anyone who has an interest in the topic by email: [email protected] or by phone on 0408709094.




Davide Cottone
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Politics of envy, political satire, multiple personalities, The Mob, socialist values, Trump, Opposition leader, absurd literature




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