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A century old tradition of jigsaws has been transformed and redesigned thanks to “jigsawpreneurs” Natascha and Guy Turner. Featuring original Australian contemporary art, the jigsaws offer a tranquil pastime that is ‘screen free’ and offers an opportunity to quieten busy minds.

“We started this venture at a point in our life where mindfulness was lacking,” Natascha said. "We had left family and friends in Adelaide and moved to Perth, I had just finished my psychology degree and begun teaching and my husband Guy was going through a redundancy after 10 years of working for the same company.  Guy was stressed out, frustrated and coming home and jumping onto his iPad to play games to help him unwind.

“One day I decided we should do something fun to unwind together. We like playing board games but they are competitive, I wanted something we could simply enjoy. I jumped on eBay and bought a jigsaw puzzle.”

After a couple of weeks, the couple finished their jigsaw so Natascha looked everywhere for the next one to tackle and could only find the same types of old-fashioned puzzles available everywhere - Van Goh and impressionist paintings, pictures of cats, dogs, cows and landscapes.

“We wanted something cool. We have so many friends who are artists, and I wished we could make jigsaw puzzles with their art. That was the lightbulb moment for the creation of our company ‘Edge of Glory’,” Natascha said.

The final piece of the puzzle, literally, was to apply the mantra of Apple’s Steve Jobs, that great packaging makes the product. Edge of Glory puzzles are presented in a quality champagne bottle style box with the picture on a satin paper scroll inside. The aim to was to add beauty to the packaging to make it the perfect gift or luxurious purchase for yourself.

The couple is already busily commissioning street artists to create a totally new style and engaging puzzles and their new designs will be released soon.

The jigsaws are suitable for all ages and numbers of players; appeal to those with a short attention span or addicts of the pastime; create an ongoing sense of achievement and once complete loos cool on Instagram or Facebook or in a frame.

“Whether one of our puzzles is for you and your partner or family, or a unique and thoughtful gift, they will provide an activity with a real and beneficial point of difference. Our purpose is to produce modern jigsaws for the creative and mindful and support and promote the work of new Australian artists at the same time,“ Natascha said.

The puzzles can be purchased online at and cost $49.95 and postage.

Moose De-Rozier JigsawThe Heart of The MatterJigsaw Box

Information about the two founders and the artist:

Guy, Insights and Strategy Director at Community Newspaper Group and had always been a champion of innovation and co-founded the South Australian Women in Innovation Awards. Helping to encourage women to achieve their business dreams was a passion for him, so it wasn’t surprising that he encouraged Natascha to start up their jigsaw business.

Natascha has a degree in Behavioural Science (Psychology) and was excited by a business opportunity that offered benefits to quiet busy minds and helps bring couples and families together. Currently, Natascha is doing a Masters in International Affairs and Security while running her own social media and public relations consultancy.

The first two jigsaws are the artwork of South Australian based artist Kelly Jade King.  

Kelly Jade King Art

 While for the most part, perpetually close in her pursuit of Sherlock Holmes, Kelly often gets distracted by rusty things, discarded objects and brightly coloured paints. Her artistic avenues include acrylic paintings, watercolour and ink, sculpture, digital design and photography.

Having been lost by the circus she was chasing as a child, Kelly continues to embrace clown attire in the hope of being spotted in crowds. Though customarily, she will be found in her home studio in the Adelaide hills, eating avocados, wearing some kind of animal hat and sprouting off creative debris of one kind or another.

Kelly’s paintings are usually created with acrylic paints on handcrafted plywood canvases. Her watercolour and ink pieces are light-fast and reside on hot pressed Arches papers.

Working as an artist since 2008, Kelly is self-taught in the arts despite having once (or twice) built a mansion cubby house throughout the entire living quarters of a pirates ship she once inhabited. Rumours have it that the extraordinary and/or futile meaning of life can be discovered hiding craftily within a Kelly Jade King piece which may cause confusion in the pregnant, lactating or neither.

For any information or interviews, please contact Tasch Turner on 0420 306 615 or [email protected]


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Edge of Glory is a brand new Australian jigsaw puzzle company which commissions Australian artists' images to reimagine the face of the old-fashioned pastime of jigsawing. We are encouraging people to switch off their phones and spend time together.



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