Thursday, July 27th, 2017 - memobottle Pty Ltd

It took just 9 hours for Australian success story memobottle™ to reach its Kickstarter funding target on the day of its launch this week (July 26).  Supporters responded to the latest memobottle™ campaign to combat single-use bottles with its highly anticipated second range of bottles and accessories, which combine minimalist, sustainable design with everyday functionality.

The stats say it all: 480 billion single-use bottles were consumed in 2016, despite 91% of the world’s population having access to clean drinking water. The founders at memobottle™ are committed to changing this in a big way!

memobottle™ co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt launched the A5 and A6 memobottles™ in 2014 with a vision for global change.

“The bottles were designed to overcome our major frustrations,” said Leeworthy. “Firstly, the devastating environmental impact of single use water bottles, and secondly, the inability to fit cylindrical water bottles in our bags.

"The memobottle™ is designed to encourage the reuse of your water bottle by making it more desirable and convenient to carry. We wanted to create a vehicle for change.”

The new range includes two new slimline premium water bottles: the A7, which holds 180ml (6 fl oz) and is perfect for clutches, pockets and kids; and the tall, elegant and considered slim memobottle™, holding 450ml (15 fl oz) and creating a perfect fit in the hand. Both memobottles™ come with a sleek stainless steel lid. Copper and matte black lids are also available in the new range. The Kickstarter campaign includes high-quality, genuine leather sleeves for the entire memobottle™ range (in partnership with Kinnon), and premium copper desk stands, acting as podiums to show off your memobottle™.

Co-founder Jonathan Byrt explains, “We’ve had great global success with our current range of memobottles™, which has been invaluable for generating exposure and helping to inspire a more reusable society. This campaign is not about getting as many people as possible to buy a memobottle™, it is about collaboratively working as a community to be become more reusable - whether it is with our products, or with any other reusable alternative out there. Our mission is to play a vital role in helping to halve the current single-use water bottle consumption by 2020.” 1% of Kickstarter takings will be donated by memobottle™ to, providing clean drinking water to those around the planet in need."

memobottle™ H2.0 goes live on Kickstarter on 26th July 2017 (AEST). See the Kickstarter campaign here.

Head to for more information, or follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @memobottle.


Click here for Press Kit and images. For more information or interviews contact the memobottle™ founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt please email: [email protected]




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