Friday, August 17th, 2018

Brian Johnson, author of The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom, shows how to take a chip off the old Writer’s Block 

Giving birth to a media release can be painful. Words don’t always come easy. And while you may have a strong feeling for what you want your release to be, getting all that passion and information into just the right form can be a struggle.

It can even lead to the dreaded writer’s block. Especially if you’re expected to start at the top, with just the right headline and hook. Where do you go if you can’t even get that? Don’t sweat it. The best thing is just to start.

Not on your media release but your messages. It’s about stimulating those creative juices and then focusing your thoughts. Try going “old school” on this, using a pen and paper. Remove yourself from the distractions of computer screens, emails and other assorted clickable options.

By holding a pen and writing down your key thoughts, phrases, headline ideas and so on, you will channel your creativity with far more clarity and power – through the focused point of that pen – than the best computer could ever deliver.

Suddenly ideas will start to form around each other and the release will take shape. 

Then you can move on to the computer screen and trim it up. This advice is drawn from The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom - - by Brian Johnson, an award-winning journalist and leading PR practitioner. To develop your own online newsroom, with all the features you need to communicate directly with journalists and bloggers, visit NewsMaker.